​You don't reach your

 dreams from the shore.

​hoist the sails,

​align the compass and let's go!

hoist the sails & let's go!


​How are you doing in your everyday life? 

From waking up to going to bed. Look at your days as if ​they ​were a movie and you're playing the leading part:​

The scene is your bedroom. You wake up. Are you happy? How are you? Are you looking forward to going to work? What would you really like to do? Will you have something nice for breakfast? How long do you give yourself time until leaving the house? Are you stressed out?


Do you love your job? 

​Do you smile at ​yourself in the mirror? 

How will your day be? Are you already waiting for Friday evening?

​Do you sometimes think: «​What do I REALLY want?» 

Days become weeks and weeks become months... you see where this is leading. And then it's already the 31st of December and you're looking back and you think: «Umm and what exactly happened to all my dreams and wishes?»

​Are you ready for more?

More joy, more self-confidence, more time for yourself, more air, more fun, more focus...!

Life offers you a lot more if you know where you want to go. You don't really know that? Create your lifevision, full with big fat (do you think that's too much to ask for?) wild dreams and they will shine just like a lighthouse in the future. 

«​And then? I'll never manage to implement those things!​»

​Then we hoist the sails, align the daily compass to joy and shape every day as if it would be your last.

​«​What, last day?!»

Sounds dramatic I know. But if you think about it, that's what life is. It doesn't give us any guaranty. For nothing and nobody. That can either totally swamp and stress you or you choose to dance with life every day. 

​Our life is a gift! 

​How you live it is upon YOU! 

​Make a conscious desicion for YOU and what you want and need! 

Are you ready to invest in you and your future? Are you ready to make YOURSELF a priority in your life? Do you want to implement your vision step by step while enjoying your life to the fullest?

Do you present yourself with 5 months that will change your life?

Do you wish to not only make one firework of a resolution on New Year's Eve but to implement your dreams and wishes every day in your life? 

«Hey Ronja, do I have to do strange meditation exercises and get prissy?» 

Not at all! My goal is that you enjoy the game of life to the fullest and find out what fires you up AND what comforts you & that you - step by step - kick out all the things out of your daily life that stress you and cost you energy. 

​Are you ready to make YOURSELF to the most important person in your life?

Joy Mastermind

Let's integrate «joy is my compass» every day in our lives



Let's integrate «joy is my compass» every day in our lives

​5 months for YOU: Time to grow, to try out tools & tricks, to clean up - to become the best version of yourself. All that and a lot more with YOUR GANG!

A Mastermind is the biggest gift that you can present yourself with: A «gang», that stands behind you. A group of people who you'll get to know so well, who stand by your side, to cheer you on and that step on the gas with you. Together we dream big, enjoy the days and clean out all those old stories that still spook around.

We implement new habits that provide you with energy and that give you lust for life into our daily life and support each other to hang on. Don't quit until your chosen habits feel as naturally as brushing your teeth each evening. THEN you've won!

5 months are perfect to win all along the line : ). During that time you'll reach more then you've done in the last year... or in the 5 last years together. Whaaaat? You're exaggerating! Ok, ok... you know best how happy you were with yourself & the world while celebrating New Year's Eve. 

Grab the steering wheel!

«The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.» 

Michael Altshuler

You don't need a catastrophy to wake you up. You're producer, script writer & main actor in your life movie right now and TODAY.

Time flies. I'm sure you think of that too from time to time. But that's not necessary a bad thing, it's just a fact. We are here on this beautiful blue planet and swish in highspeed through space. Each run around the sun is worth a year and nobody knows when this trip is over.

I know I repeat myself! But to get a call, that a loved friend has died is the worst thing that can happen. Or to hear the news that somebody is terminal ill and that there's nothing to be done.

I wish that you've never experienced such a thing. If you already did you know how much such an experience shakes you up. How suddenly the daily stress, the job that you don't like and the conflicts in your family are unimportant. If life is over, there's nothing to fight or laugh about left. ​

Don't wait for the bad news to turn your life upside down. You don't need a wake-up call to live your dreams. You can simply decide, that you change your life NOW. Are you ready? Continue reading to find out what awaits you during those 5 months!

The feedback to the Mastermind is wonderful - read it yourself! 

​Do you want to be part of the Joy Mastermind? Get yourself everyday magic into your daily life? ​

The feedback to the Mastermind is huge! - Read it yourself! 

I am thankful to be part of this dynamic magic group


It took me some courage to register with the Mastermind. In the end, Ronja's sympathetic contagious easy nature convinced me and made me curious. It was a mega exciting inspirational time with an incredible openness and familiarity that, over time, developed into the group that I admire immensely. Each stands for a different point in life and this diversity is so exciting, touching and absolutely enriching. Ronja gives real-life tips and inputs in an understandable way, although the implementation was not always easy for me because I often lack the necessary discipline. Nevertheless, I have learned a lot, live more consciously and have the feeling of being aware of the many little things in life. Thank you so much dear Ronja. I am so grateful to have ventured this step and to be a part of this wonderful dynamic magic group ..... Thank you all for everything ❤ ..

The decision of being part of the Mastermind is a decision for YOU!


Since I'm a very introverted person that is absolutly not into Social Media, I could not really imagine, how that should work with me and the mastermind. But - although I was rarely able to attend the calls because of my tight schedule - I benefited a lot! Every month a different topic is discussed and at the end (or at the beginning ☀) I got a cornucopia full of meditations and methods, ideas & inspirations and knowledge that enrich my life and give me clarity about myself, my needs and my goals and how I can reach my goals and fulfill my dreams. The decision of being part of the Mastermind is a decision for YOU! I can recommend it with all my heart.

​Do you fancy taking part? 

We start in November (week 46) and will be over 5 months or 22 weeks together on the road. Sooo WHAT exactly do we do? And how does it work? I shall explain : ).

​How does the Mastermind function? 

Mastermind is a description for a group that wants to get along together, who works together on different topics, who supports each other and cheers each other on. For the last few years I invested in myself to be in a business mastermind each year to catapult myself into new heights.  

For me, the most beautiful thing is, that all the different people slowly get to know each other and benefit from each other. The facebook group is like a nice living room where somebody can always lend you an ear. There you can 24/7 talk about your thoughts, wins, results, questions, sorrows and concerns.

22 times we meet weekly for an hourly (sometimes 2hours) videoconference, that offers you a lot of surprises: Exercises, tools, meditations... or somebody, who wants to talk about her/his concern, can sit on the «hot seat» and we discuss it in the group. You'll read the detailed infos about the 5 maintopics below. I can't wait to dive in with you!

​five times full moon

​Our monthly ​topics in short version 

Unsere Monats-Themen in Kurzversion 

Morning magic & Superpowertools

The habits, that influence your life the most, are how you start your day.

You decide, if you give yourself 10 minutes or two hours before the razzle-dazzle around you starts. After these 5 months you'll know what works best for you so that you can establish a new habit in your daily life. You are not a morning person at all? Never mind!

The tools, that you'll never want to miss again, work on each time of the day. Do you need support that you really implement what you intend to do? You'll of course get that from your gang : )!

Your big vision with focus on 2019

Crystal clear you'll create your big vision for your life and a very concrete version for your whole life with a special focus on the year 2019!

You've got all the tools installed to tap your inner wisdom so now it's easy to find out what you really want! ​

​Everything is possible and with this clarity you conjure a mix of planned marvels and unexpected chances that will pop up & enrich your life. The perfect conclusion of the Mastermind!

​On the outside: ​Sparkling clean and ​tidy

Imagine your apartment being sparkling clean and tidy! Everything has its place and you're only surrounded by things that make you happy. ​Imagine how great that will be! 

First of all, get rid of the things that ​aren't of any use to you. Let go what you only keep out of consideration towards others. The attic and the basement, the summer house and the car... we turn everything upside down.  ​​You think that is ​exhausting? 

I promise you that this will give you sooo much energy and will create the perfect basis for your blooming future with all your dreams and wishes!​

On the inside: cleared & connected

After the outside follows the inside. You'll get to know tools to tame your sorrows & fears, your old and / or current trouble. ​

We'll dissolve old memories that still influence you. Layer around layer we will remove them and let them disappear. ​

The route is the goal and you'll have the tools in your hand, to clean away all the obstacles on the way to the unfolding of your full potential.

​​You're the boss of your life and nobody else!  

​My body, my temple

​During ​our lifetrip we are gifted with a genius incredible sensational body.

Removing is no option. And you won't get a second one either. Meet your body in your meditation and ask: What do you need? What would you like to have more? And what less? ​

​This month isn't about diets or sports. You concentrate yourself on ​a positive body feeling and make a promise that you'll change what you want to change. Get together with somebody else from the group and root for each other. 

​What the Mastermind can give you:


The call each week is wellness for the soul

Thank you, Ronja and the Joy Mastermind Ladies! What a ride ❤ I am very grateful to be a part of this mastermind. I am learning about myself, about the others and about life, in a wonderfully light and soothing way.

The call every week is wellness for the soul. Ronja, your meditations, your tools, your whole Joy program is very enriching and inspiring! Anyone can pick out what they want and what suits their everyday lives. The topics are very well chosen and cover many areas of everyday life. One is "joyified" at every level.

But also the exchange with the other magic women is incredibly enriching for me. Our group is characterized by trust, openness and mutual support. For me an absolutely unique, wonderful experience. It's just amazing to be traveling with you! Thank you thank you thank you!


Refreshing, inspiring, varied, humorous, profound

Skeptical at the beginning, just grateful at the end. I do not want to miss the time. So good, that our mastermind magic group will remain. The weekly calls are extremely refreshing, inspiring, varied, magical, touching the heart, humorous, profound and based on sympathy, trust and respect. It's all voluntary and you do not have to do anything. Yes, it is also highly recommended for men. Courage is good! The weekly new tools and inputs from Ronja come from the heart with a fascinating ease and great motivation. Be inspired by her and the people who are taking part, come one step closer, get to know each other better and turn negatives into positives. You are the most important thing in your life and only someone who takes care of himself/herself is an enrichment in the lives of others.


There are things one can not explain

There are things one can not explain - "It comes as it comes and as it comes, it comes good" (by B. Huber)
It's the same with Ronja's Mastermind! At the first call with 9 strangers I was a bit cautious, but now those magic ladies know much more about me then others do. The incredible trust, depth and openness that was created in those 5 months is magical! Accompanied by Ronjas many-sided meditations and technics, that showed me how I can take the wheel in my hands, I can decide every day anew if and how I am happy! The time was intensive, informative, changing, emotional, sad, funny, liberating, new things were created and old things let go. I can recommend you with all my heart to book a Joy-Treatment with Ronja!

Lena Chief at kumo6.ch

​Will you invest in your future?

​Are you ready to invest in YOURSELF?

Let's have a chat to talk about this whole thing. To find out if those 5 months are perfect for you. To make sure that you'll get the maximum out of it and that you can say: That Mastermind really changed my life and now I'm free and dance through daily life. I do what I WANT and I'm holding the compass of joy in my hand!

Write me a message to​ 0041 79 774 45 43 or ronja@ronjasakata.com and we'll schedule a session. If you're having a request or a ​topic that you would like to talk about with me, you can also book a non-​binding 20min coaching. ​

​You choose ​which version suits you best:


  • star-o
    22 Mastermindcalls ​with the 5 monthly topics
  • star-o
    Videos, ​meditations, ​questions, ​exercises, ​documends
  • star-o
    ​Closed facebookgruppe

VIP Silber

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    1x 60min ​personal coaching per month
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    ​22 Mastermindcalls ​with the 5 monthly topics
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    ​Videos, ​meditations, ​questions, ​exercises, ​documends
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VIP Gold

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    ​2x 60min ​personal coaching per month
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    ​​22 Mastermindcalls ​with the 5 monthly topics
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    ​​Videos, ​meditations, ​questions, ​exercises, ​documends
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    ​​​Closed facebookgruppe

The weekly zoom calls were the highlight of the week


Dear Ronja
I found you, because I wanted to learn Japanese. Because of your fresh, humorous and happy nature and your beautiful website, I booked the easy Japanese course, its a great one!
As I got your Japan related emails, I got the news of your Joyismycompass-Challenge on Facebook. I loved it! I didn't have time to do all the tasks, but at the second Joy-Challenge I joined always the daily morning meditations. Since then I get up at 5.55h 😊 and I have a morningroutine. I won the vision board workshop at the challenge! In an incredible beautiful and creative atmosphere we put our visions on a canvas. Thank you for this!
I was captivated of the homework and the tools for working at my own satisfaction and zest of life, so I booked the Joy-Mastermind right away. What a great choice at the perfect timing.

I had the honour to meet incredibly fascinating, lovely, creative, empathetic and enriching women. One of them is you. You have such a big knowledge in the JOY-topic. You have so many ideas and tools to pass along. You have so many good answers and inputs and a tremendous empathy. The weekly zoom calls were the highlight of the week.
I learned so much and I worked on my mindset and the other magical ladies supported me. Your guided meditations are always such interesting visionary journey in my inner self...
I say thank you for just everything! 💕

Why is «joy» my compass?

More than 20 years ago I was standing at the open grave of a friend for the first time. So many questions, so many why's, so much anger that something like that is even «allowed» to happen. Our life is finite, that is a fact. We don't know how it will be after we've died, but it's upon us to live OUR LIFE TODAY and tomorrow and the day after tomorrow... and the days become weeks, and the weeks become months and the months create years. 

In the following 10 years I sadly was attending way too many funerals of friends. Avalanches, bike accidents, suicide, avalanche again... it was crazy! In 2005, when a friend died at the age of 25 after having a heart attack without any high risk sport involved...she was at home on the phone... (heart attack at 25...helloooo!!??) I had enough. That was the moment when I once and for all decided to live my life only as I wanted. As few compromises as possible.

I decided to dream big and to go all in to make my dreams come true.

I decided to create my days so that I feel good, no, so that I feel great! 

Because maybe tomorrow my heart stops beating and that is why I enjoy life TODAY and NOW with all my senses, in full colour and to its full extend while I plan to be as vibrant, healthy, fit and fun also at the age of 100 years and beyond! I love my life and I love to spend time on our beautiful planet, so I intend to stick around as long as possible.

Each year I get to know better what I really want. I am the best friend of my intuition and I listen closely to my inner voice. I do what I want, say what I think and take what I need. You think: «Whaaat? That's so selfish?! To be selfless is a good thing! To sacrifice oneself for others is a part of life.»  

Of course it's not about being narcissistic and selfish and to destroy everything that gets in my way like a bulldozer. THAT I don't mean at all.

My goal is that in the evening I look back on my day with a smile on my face. A day on which I met the people I wanted and because I wanted to and not because I thought I had to. A day during which I had time to think, to enjoy all the tiny moments, to enjoy the best food (yes, I also decorate my meals even if I cook for myself : ) and yes, that makes a difference!) and I took good care of my body. Because my body is a genius and I've got only one so I take good care of it! : )

By making myself a priority in my life I've got more energy, more to give, more fun and leisure with everybody that crosses my path or that is somehow connected with me. I am a much more pleasant contemporary, companion, partner, client, host... if I take care of MYSELF and don't let my mood pass by chance.

Let's listen to our feelings. Enjoying what feels good makes us better persons fulfilled with joy. What doesn't feel good needs to leave.

3 years ago I finally found out that exactly THAT is my passion. Showing YOU how you tap into your inner wisdom, your endless sources of energy and lust for life. To tell you about all the tricks and tools that you can implement in your daily life. 

Taking care ​of yourself, to daily fill your energy- & lust of live tank instead of letting it exhaust, to allow yourself only the best. This is the goal of the time of Mastermind during which we're together on this road. ​

My coach and Mastermind-ladies, with which I've ​spent time in 2017, call me «Queen of joy»​. I feel very honored about this name. It really is my main feeling on this beautiful planet. I'm ​convinced that ​it's of use to EVERYBODY, if we concentrate on love, peace, sunshine, kindness and lust for life. ​

I know, awful things happen on this world. But it simply doesn't help anybody if you're sitting angry or sad in a corner. Everybody can make a contribution, that makes the world a little lighter and better, by first of all taking care of him- or herself and then invest the energy to make the world a better place!

Get out of the hamster wheel and get into your life full of fun and joy. Sounds to good to be true? You are worth it! I mean it! You are the most important person in your life! You are your best friend from the moment of birth until the moment you say goodbye to this world. How long you'll take part in this game of life is a secret. So let's go and make each day a good day, simply because YOU'RE ALIVE!

Imagine that on Monday you'll start the new week with a smile. Because you know that your responsible for your own good mood. Because you love your life. Because you know that each moment - small or big - is ​valuable! ​

Imagine that you're treating your body as the temple you're living in. You can't move into another one. So give yourself only the best food and best thoughts... imagine how good you'll feel! ​

Imagine that you'll smile at strangers on the street, that you're treating the cashier at the super market as your best friend, and then? You'll get the full positive load back. It's like magic, like in a parallel universe. They'll hold the door for you, they will smile back at you.. life is a game!! And you decide if you're playing in the grumpy-moody-sad team or in the rainbow-glitter-magicteam.

Do you tell me where you're standing in your life? Would you like to be part of the Mastermind? Do you want to ask me some questions? Find out if those 5 months fit you? Write me a message to 0041 ​79 774 45 43 or ronja@ronjasakata.com & ​I'll get back to you. 

​I'm sooo loking forward to hearing from you,