Welcome to my playground ofJOY


Play with me? 

  how would more joy in your day change your life?  

I'm Ronja Sakata -

my friends call me Queen of Joy!

May I share my glitter with you? Lets pour it over every situation in your life and choose JOY instead of grumpy! But hold on. I'm not saying, that we should smile all day & are not allowed to be sad. I invite you to bring  joy as your compass into your life. I share all my tools to gain energy & get clarity from within YOU! Are you ready to become Queen JOY of your life? 

I love boatrides on Lake Zurich - my favorite time to get up is 4:44 AM and I could speak Japanese all day long. Ah, you want to know more about me? Klick HERE

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"Join the joyacademy or the mastermind and choose joy as your compass in every moment. your life will be more fun, relaxed & your connections are more beautiful!"
​Ronja Sakata

 imagine yourself full of joy every day, because YOU created it!

YOU are in charge of your JOY

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