Ronja Sakata

«I love my life & all the people who play the star roles or the featured part. Being happy & joyful is my goal, every single day!»

Ronja Sakata

Joy is my compass!

I want to make this world more joyful, playful & colorful! My goal is to inspire you to take note of the little tiny things like a friendly sunray on your face. I want to rise your and my awareness, how precious this life is. Every moment it could be over, so lets enjoy every day to the fullest! Lets have no «boring & normal» days anymore, lets turn every single day into a wonderful playdate. Lets be grateful for our heartbeat & our breath...How is that even possible in my busy days? How should I find time for this? Its the little habits which change the game. Join the Joy-academy for infusing every day with fun, mindfulness, joy & wonderful connections! You have the power to change your life to your dreamlife one step at a time. Lets use joy as our compass!

My fancy third person bio

Ronja Sakata is a Life and Business Coach, Food Engineer and Queen of Joy. Since launching in 2013, Ronja treats clients to a secret world of joy and energy.

With her zest for life and passion to change the world, Ronja has a unique talent to inspire and educate all those around her so their business and personal lives may thrive each and every with ease and grace.

Ronja is fluent in Japanese with an overwhelming lust for Japan after an internship there in 2001. She currently resides in Switzerland with her husband and daughter.

Ronja holds a Food Engineering degree from the Technical University of Switzerland, Teaching degree for higher education in Food Science and a Coaching degree from the Educational University of Zurich.

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Per Whatsapp: +41 79 774 45 43