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  • What do you do if you are grumpy as f*%^ck?

I mean this really honestly. What do you do?

My baseline is happy. My normal being is joyful...BUT watch out world, if this girl is grumpy.

Like yesterday. It came over me out of nowhere...well out of expectations and the reality enfolding not accordingly.

Expectations about who does what in the household, about how easy lunchtime with 4 kids will be... (it was not) and all the things I wanted to do, but I didn't get to do. You've been there... I don't have to explain, right?

So within the chaos of 4 little humans playing and wrestling on the sofa with my husband I declared really loudly, that I NEED A NAP NOW!

Don't disturb. Stay away from the bedroom.

Earplugs, eyemask, timer set for 33min and 33 seconds (I looove these multiple digit-numbers so much) and I fell asleep within minutes.

This is my reset rule number ONE whenever possible. «Oh your in a bad bad mood Ronja? - Take a nap, baby!» After sleeping I'm normally a new person, but I felt how I glorified the grumpiness... so what do I do when I could smash everything into bits?

Hmmm... just stay in the feeling. Look around. Feel it. And ask: What's this all about? Why am I really that angry?

The kids? No! They are triggering me with the loudness and the naughty comments, but it's not them!

The husband? Well... his restaurant is really demanding at the moment and he is doing his best at home, as always. I could not think of a better partner in crime for this journey. ​

Soooo... nobody else to blame, Ronja... oooh beside YOU! : )

My selfcare was the worst in the last days. No wonder the energy is low. Going to bed late, so that getting up early is not an option, is the root of my grumpiness.

I need ME-time, that's so important to me and my mood, my everything!! So the only person who can give myself metime is ME! In my instagram-bio and on my website I declare: My favorite time to get up is 4:44... and it's true! But I just didn't do it the last weeks. It's about time to get back on track with this habit and celebrate my morning magic on a regular basis.

Getting up at this time is so crazy early, but that's part of the fun. When I was studying at University, I would have called you nuts, if you've told me, that I'll get up before 5am by choice...

But now as a wise old woman : ) I know that this precious morning time is all I need for a wonderful day.

After my meditation barefoot in the garden, where I connect with my inner voice and ask all the questions and get the answers from within... or from the Universe or all the invisible forces... I'm fully aware of everything I can do, I'm called to do, I want to do and feel and have and create... WHY did I miss out on this for such a long time??? Not today and my intention is to get in the 4:44-game on a regular basis...

So I'm sitting in my living room right now writing this, it's still dark outside, I have some candle light and just had my hot lemon water. The grass was cold and wet, but the grounding feeling while meditating was pure bliss. Orions stars showed off at the dark blue sky... the sign that winter is approaching!

meditation - check
journaling - check
now yoga and EFT with Brad Yates (check him out on youtube) and my day will be so much different than yesterday.

I choose to take care of me. YES! That's a promise to myself and the rewards are manifold.

«Joy is my compass» for me sometimes means to dwell in grumpiness for finding out what I crave and need!

What do you do if you are grumpy as f*?ck? I'm really interested in your strategies to get into a better mood. Tell me please!

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What do you do if you are grumpy as f*%^ck?
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