Can I really do that? Choose joy? Isn't that sugarcoating reality?

It's a gray day in Zurich. Temperatures dropped 10 degrees. There are terrible news all over the place, locally, from Germany... from the US... I could go and look at all the terrible news. There are scary news in every possible topic: Foodindustry, environment, politics, refugees, pharmaindustry, the list is endless.

I choose to NOT read the news. Not watching news at all. I stay in my golden bubble (do you know the meditation? You can get it HERE for free) and in my positivity line. But Ronja isn't that reality blind? A little childish? Immature? To not face the world and its cruelty?

I'm glad, that I can choose joy today and any day regardless of the circumstances of our world.

I choose to focus on the good things. Because I've got an amount of time and energy per day which I choose to use and focus on the sunny side of life. What I put my focus on grows. I see more of it.

I see the sunflower in my garden just opened up and shines bright in the middle of a patch of weed.

I look forward to my day where I can use all the time to grow my business and create videos and emails and JOY.

I'll wake up my little girl for school soon and I'll create a blissful start in her day, because I chose to not stress anymore, to have a chilled loving breakfast-time with her.

(Can I tell you that this wasn't always like this? We had fights every morning and it was stressful for both of us, while we were waking up daddy who was still sleeping, tired of his late night work at the restaurant... but it took one decision to change, because I WANTED to. And so I did.)

Tonight I'm invited to a sushi restaurant opening as an influencer... ooooooh how cool is that : ) : ) I'll go with Mika for an hour or two and my intention is to have interesting conversations with anybody I'll meet. About Japan, about how learning Japanese is easy, my other topic of my heart beside JOY... about life, about enjoying every moment.

I'll never know what kind of people I'll meet and I love that. I love people. And I love to get to know them and their thoughts and view of life. I'll tell them about the Joy cademy, my Joy Mastermind... because that's what I love most to do... encouraging everybody to choose joy and focus on the bright side of life.

You are still reading my friend, thank you and congratulations. This topic is somehow interesting for you. Don't quit reading right now, come on!

Just do this little test with me, ok?

Think about all the bad things in life and on our planet. You can choose: The pollution, the climate change, all the wars going on... but maybe you have stressful things in your every day life... focus on these... or on the future. So insecure, maybe I'm dead tomorrow and bad things could happen to me and my loved ones ANYTIME... what a stressful destiny we have...

How did that feel? What kind of physical reactions did you have?
If you really dive in these topics with your thoughts and feelings, you'll feel it in your stomach, the chest feels heavy and you name all the other symptoms.

Our mind is a powerful machine and we can imagine everything and feel as if it would be true, real and just a fact... eventhough we are not moving away from our comfortable seat in a safe space we can feel life-threatening feelings.

Is that fun? NO!
Is that useful? NO!
Do I gain any insights? NO!
Is it empowering? NO!
Shall I do this? NO! Oh... well... of course you can if you want to...

I prefer the opposite as I told you in the first part of the text.

Let's test the positive feeling-capacity of you, ok?

Think of your favorite food... see it in front of your eyes, take a bite and imagine yourself sitting at a nice table eating this food with your best friends around you. Some cool or soft or joyful music plays in the background. It's the perfect temperature, you like. You're dressed the way you love and you just feel AWESOME!

Think of spending time the way you love it most... doing your favorite sport... chilling at the beach... reading a great book... spending time with your favorite person in the world... imagine these scenes in great detail and soak your soul and mind in these positive feelings...

How was that?
Still sitting at your computer, with your phone in your hand reading this... but your whole body is flooded with positivity and good feelings... our brain is an interesting machine and we can use it to bring the good feelings with just our thoughts. Or let us drown in stress-negativity-fear.

Let's CHOOSE joy together.

If you ask HOW? I have something for you!

​Click here to get to the signup for the free «MORE JOY» Masterclass of the joyacademy.

I wish you so much fun with all the tools and tricks I tell you there which are soooo simple, you just have to do them. My superpower is to motivate you to actually and really do the «homework» so just watch the masterclass and enjoy the meditation and the beautiful worksheets I created for you. DEAL?

Let's use joy as our compass -
for a fun, rich and colourful life

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